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NEAT uses the best equipment and tools available...

One of our values is "making things quick and easy for our employees, and customers".  One of the best ways to do that is by investing in the best equipment available to us.  High quality tools makes it easier to deliver a high quality service.  It's that simple.  

Janitorial Services

When you are managing a large facility, our customers know better than anyone that continual maintenance cleaning is needed.  We take a custom approach to our janitorial services.  One size does NOT fit all.  The scope of work, frequency of service, and days/times of service will be based on your needs - foot traffic, business hours, and sanitation requirements of your industry.

Deep Cleaning 

Sometimes when janitorial services go south, you will need a deep clean.  In buildings with high traffic, it may only take a few missed days of cleaning to get out of control.  We will literally clean everything inside and outside.  Refrigerators, stoves/ovens, dishwashers cabinets, vending machines, baseboards, walls, the list goes on.  Get a custom quote today!

Home Cleaning

We also offer professional deep cleaning for residential properties.  This is where our business began, so we have no problem going back to our roots!  We will clean your home top to bottom, including appliances, those high/hard-to-reach spaces, and all the surfaces you touch on a daily basis. 

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Sanitation services became necessary as COVID-19 has wreaked havoc since 2020.  What many people don't know is that cleaning mostly removes debris, dust, and dirt.  Cleaning does remove some germs, but it doesn't kill them.  Disinfecting is what will kill the germs, viruses, and bacteria.  We use EPA procedures to make sure that germs are lowered to a safe level, based on the sanitation requirements for your industry.

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Floor Care

Not only is it important to keep high traffic floors looking good, it can save you a fortune in the long run.  Replacement costs can run 10x the cost of maintaining flooring properly.  Our floor care program can include stripping, floor finish application (wax), sealer application, scrubbing, spray buffing, burnishing, and tile & grout cleaning.  

Post Construction Cleaning

Construction on large buildings can be a long, tedious process that becomes unpredictable.  That's why we've found that it's important for the NEAT team to be flexible and available.  We are able to make changes to meet the demands of a given project on short notice.  We offer multi-phase cleaning, all customized for your project.  

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Junk Removal

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Sometimes the clutter becomes too much.  We work with property management companies, realtors, office buildings, and families to keep spaces free of excess garbage.  We can remove furniture, appliances, carpet, hot tubs, excess garbage, and much more!  Accepting loads of any size.

Cobweb Removal

When managing a large industrial facility, you know that cobwebs can become an issue.  Not only does it look unprofessional, but you may be subject to one or more of the following inspections/audits/standards:

  • OSHA Inspections:  Relevant for industries where cobwebs might pose safety hazards, such as obstructing emergency exits or creating tripping hazards. OSHA may inspect workplaces to ensure general safety standards are met.

  • AIB Audits: Particularly relevant for industries involved in food production and processing. The presence of cobwebs could impact the sanitation and hygiene standards required for AIB audits.

  • Machine Safety Inspections: If the cobwebs are accumulating on machinery or equipment in manufacturing facilities, machine safety inspections become crucial to ensure that equipment operates safely and efficiently.

  • Hazardous Materials Handling: Industries dealing with hazardous materials need to ensure that cobwebs do not compromise the safe handling and storage of these materials.

  • Healthcare Infection Control: In healthcare facilities, excessive cobwebs may be considered a cleanliness issue, affecting infection control standards. Regular inspections may be conducted to maintain a hygienic environment.

  • FDA Inspections: Industries involved in food and pharmaceutical production need to adhere to FDA regulations. Excessive cobwebs could impact the cleanliness of the production area and may be a concern during FDA inspections.

  • Environmental Compliance: Excessive cobwebs might be relevant to environmental compliance in industries where cleanliness is essential for preventing contamination. This is particularly true for industries where cleanliness is crucial for environmental protection.

  • NFPA Standards: In facilities where electrical equipment is present, adherence to NFPA standards for electrical safety is important. Cobwebs near electrical panels or equipment may be a concern.

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